Hello, my name is Emma and I am the main drive behind Hearts and Buttons. I recently married and loved every second of the planning and organising, sourcing and making alot of my day. I am an artist and photographer who has developed and aquired alot of skills and ideas throughout the years and Hearts and Buttons is a chance for me to share this with you.

On the site you will be able to find my inspirations and influences. Meet some of the wonderful suppliers I have met on my journey and keep up to date with all the trends and styles current in the world of weddings.

In addition to this you can hire my Hearts and Buttons services to support and plan your wedding, to visualise your day and make it as beautiful and stress free as you deserve it to be.....but more about that later.


I hope you enjoy the site and its contents and that you can feedback via one of my links.


All my love Emma Gxxxx


Our Philosophy


Hearts and Buttons wants to take some of the stress and strain out of the most important day of your life. Allowing you to sit back and relax. It is suggested that it takes around 700 hours to plan a wedding most women/men are planning over a 7-12 month period and with our busy life styles that is time most couples do not have. We also believe what ever your experience or passions your wedding should be exactly how you visualise it. Our wedding styling and design service helps you picture your day. From initial consultation we will generate style boards based around your theme. Discuss your requirements and then help source every aspect working with you to create a completely unique and bespoke package, even making and creating some of those special pieces for you. If you are interested in discussing your ideas further please use the contact form and Hearts and Buttons will get back to you.