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By emmagoodier, Apr 10 2014 06:03PM

Whether you're a traditional bride or you seek a truelly unique wedding experience there seems to be no getting away from 'the four something's'. Brides across the country are faced with the ordeal of "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue". Who would have thought that a phrase possibly originating back to 1898 English folklore could cause such hassle and stress.

Well I say, as a vintage bride it is our responsibility to face such traditions head on, embrace them. With this in mind I have todays theme not only offers a unique and fresh approach to any wedding style but also promises design, colour and history.

Delftware or Delftblue is a type of pottery gaining its name from its place or origin, Delft in the Netherlands. This iconic blue and white pattern was once the chosen adornment of many a british home but may along with many other decorative patterns fallen slightly out of favor over the years. As a result the cheaper copycat designs eagerly await keen "snoopers" in charity shops and flea markets and offer the perfect borrowed option from loving Aunts, Grandmothers and parents attics.

In addition to its strong yet simple colour pallette and affectionate use of all the imagery vintage lovers love, it is proving to be a strong theme coming through from 2013 and a favourite for spring and summer 2014.

Bird Cupcake, Murray.Me Cakes www.murrayme.co.uk
Bird Cupcake, Murray.Me Cakes www.murrayme.co.uk

These beautiful handpainted cupcakes by Sussex designer offer a simple yet eye catching alternative to lashings of buttercream topped cupcakes. Beautifully presented on a vintage plate they would also look as appetising on a handprinted napkin or paper plate ( floral rubber stamp and cobalt blue ink, perfect fro a tight budget ).

Alternatively why not jazz up plain cupcakes with these cute toppers by matricesupplies on etsy

Windows,clocks,tulips,kiss by matricesupplies Etsy
Windows,clocks,tulips,kiss by matricesupplies Etsy

On the big day reveal a little of the risk taker in you by daring to be different with this sensational gown by young American designer Michelle Leal, blue print inspired bt flowers falling from ruffles and frills.

Michelle Leal Design credit to Behance
Michelle Leal Design credit to Behance

Or finish a more traditional ivory or white dress with this gorgeous handpainted shoes by NoraKaren on Etsy, flashing just a little of that Delft design to your guests.

When planning your table decor design each table around found pieces from charityshops and carboots, chips are really ok or ask friends and family to contribute from their collections. Bold Cobalt blue needs next to no other colour so keep linen simple with whites, possibly vintage lace napkins and then create focus with mix and match plates, crystal glasses and silver cutlery.

Image by Avenuelifestyle.com
Image by Avenuelifestyle.com

Hand pick your own countryside flowers at a farm such as Blooming green flowers www.bloominggreenflowers.co.uk, going for shades of white, green and even blue. Ask friends and family to chip in, raid hydrangea plants and bunch in small collected vases.

Send guests away with fragrant favors these small lavender bunchs from Lavendergreen.com will offset the strong blue and add a beautiful aroma to your table, add cobalt blue or white lace to personalise.

Be bold whether it's just an accent of cobalt blue or a mix and match of charity shop plates, let dutch blue and white pattern and design bring a fresh look to your day. Move away from pastel florals and add a little history to your summer styling, you will be saying say to Delft do we part.

By emmagoodier, Apr 10 2013 12:18PM

It has been a long time since my last post. Paul and I have been busy making home and have just celebrated our first wedding anniversary back at the beautiful George in Rye.

I have also been very busy designing a new range of stationary, for weddings and other occasions. These unique designs are just the first in a number of additions soon to be added to the Hearts and Buttons online store. Service will include personalising with names and other details, printing and a proof copy in advance.

We believe in offering delicate and fun designs to enhance your special event.

Whether shouting from the roof tops or celebrating in elegance these designs are bound to capture your friends and families attention.

Typewriter- Hearts and Buttons Stationary
Typewriter- Hearts and Buttons Stationary

Bunting teaparty Front- Hearts and Buttons stationary
Bunting teaparty Front- Hearts and Buttons stationary

Bunting Teaparty Back- Hearts and Buttons Stationary
Bunting Teaparty Back- Hearts and Buttons Stationary

Shout it front the rooftops front and back- Hearts and Buttons Stationary
Shout it front the rooftops front and back- Hearts and Buttons Stationary

With more designs on the way we hope you love our designs as much as we do.

By emmagoodier, Nov 18 2012 01:00PM

As the evenings close in, it is dark at 5:00 and a warm cup of tea and a night in your PJs is more tempting than a night on the town. The savior of the crafty women is back to boost our spirits and get some vintage craftiness back in our homes.

The ever bubbly Kirsty Allsopps Vintage home series, Channel 4, Thursdays 8pm follows home owners in need of a little helping hand. Kirsty brings together some best of british crafters to support those in a house proud crisis revamp and reorganise their homes. The twist this year is vintage influences, beautiful references to past taste and historical design and a homemade shop in London as the centre of all things Allsopp goodness ( I want in on that one).

I myself am proud to be an artist and crafts person but can understand the rutt you can get stuck in after a hard day at work or when things become over bearing. I have jumped for joy after every episode, dragging the husband around flea markets and heading for my sew basket.

I have been inspired to return to screen printing a process I teach to children in my role as an art teacher and that featured on the first episode as a way of updating beautiful furniture. Although my first return proved not as exciting as I had hoped, rushed and a little messy, some applique and buttons will jazz it up nicely and make a beautiful addition for my spare bedroom.

We may not all have the gorgeous wardrobe of Allsopp, a beautiful shop in an arty and bohemium part of London or the funds to completely revamp our homes but the weekly glow of warm crafty lovliness that this program brings will offer ideas and if nothing else the want to try new things and make your own. As well as champion the imagination and creativeness of us Brits.

Thank you Channel 4, Kirstie Allsopp and British craftsmen and women, you have bought a little inspiration to these chilly winter eves.

Image from the official Kirstie Allsopp site
Image from the official Kirstie Allsopp site

By emmagoodier, Oct 18 2012 05:01PM

With saturdays Belles Bridal Bazaar fast approaching, vintage wedding fsetivities are well and truelly underway. Exciting news has come our way in the form of a special evening being hosted by Belles events and showcasing wonderful enetrtainment for your wedding reception.

There is even a the fab competeition being run as part of it, so get involved, follow the link and enjoy.

Wedding Belles Reception

By emmagoodier, Oct 2 2012 07:01PM

There is nothing more fun than wedding fairs when planning your day, the goodies, the selection of suppliers and the inspiration they give you are essential in sorting those finishing touches. We are very lucky this autumn with osme stonking vintage fairs to choose here are two of my not to miss one favourites:

The Zoe Lem Vintage Fair -28th October 2012


Zoe Lem has spent the last 15 years working as a stylist, building a reputation across the world for her expertise in fashion, style and ‘shape dressing’. Zoe’s passion for making people look great has seen her work with celebrities including Myleene Klass and Robbie Williams

The fair this year is bigger and more wonderful than ever before, with over 50 exhibitors, workshops though out the day, fashion shows, vintage DJ's tea rooms and champagne on tap to make the day really special and memorable for all bride and grooms to be and wedding and vintage enthusiasts. Zoes own new vintage inspred dresses will be available.

Belles Bridal Bazaar

20th October 2012 12 - 5pm. Unitarian Church, New Road, Brighton

Not your average wedding fair, a beautiful mix of vintage fun, themes and suppliers to support your day in every way. Brilliant local sussex suppliers all under one listed buildings roof.

Belles events have bought the equisite to the wedding fair and the bazaar looks to offer even more to inspire you beautiful wedding bunch.

So decoaret your diaries with thses lovely days of gorgeousness and all things vintage.

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