Here at Hearts and Buttons along with style advice and ideas on the blog and Mood boards, you can hire us for our wedding design and styling services. Whether you need a helping hand to get the creative juices flowing or you want our full bespoke package which will help you plan up to the last minute every aspect of your weddings look then we are here to offer creativity, advice and a spoonful of love.




Bespoke full creative package POA

Let us help you design every aspect of your wedding, from concept to I do. This will start with a 1:1 consultation where we can discuss your likes, loves, ideas, colours and most importantly dislikes as far as the style and look of your wedding. From this we will create you a personal mood journal, giving you some visual ideas as to how we may develop the styling based on your information.

After this is agreed and tweeked to suit your wants and needs a bespoke package will be built around it. Sourcing suppliers to your tastes and budget and building the decor and design of your wedding as visualised and chosen by you.We can be there on the day to make sure the final knife and fork are in their place so that your wedding looks exactly how you want it to.

 Getting you started package starting at £500

Sometimes all you need is a little bump start, this our simpler package does exactly that. As in our bespoke package we will have a 1:1 consultation again discussing your likes, loves and ideas for your wedding look and style. The getting you started package will then supply you with a mood journal giving you visual ideas to support you with design. We will also give you a list of suggested suppliers that we love and trust to ensure you get the services you dream of, there is no expectation to use these suppliers, it is just so much easier to have somewhere to start and people who have the same vision. Then it is over to you , but with the offer of email consultation for any mini design emergencies or style issues you may have along the way. For an additional small fee we will also be happy to come along and help set up and style your day.





Please contact us for any further information or discuss our package prices

DSC_0033 wedding room cup and saucer george flire place

 Finishing touches package from £350


This is a great package for the couple who are happy to organise and collect alot of their style ideas themselves but don't want the hassle and stress of seeing it through on the day.

Weddings take a long time to plan but can take hours to set up. However with the finishing touches package we do all the setting up for you. Arrive the day or day before the wedding to transform venues into the dream locations you have hoped for, using all that you have collected and even made. We will meet with you before the day to discuss every final detail and then you can hand over to Hearts and Buttons and we will do it all for you, so that you can sit back, sip champagne and enjoy the most delightful build up to your big day safe in the knowledge it will be prepared for you.